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A Bridge-Building Safety Culture

United Infrastructure Group, Inc. (UIG) is a premier bridge builder throughout the Southeast and has built bridges safely for more than 90 years!
UIG is committed to the Health/Safety/Environmental and Well-being of each employee and their family members. Building a true safety culture within a heavy-civil bridge construction environment is not easy; it requires every team member to be vigilant and focused on specific Health/Safety/Environmental (HSE) activities every day. UIG strives to make safety ‘visible’ throughout our organization. We expect team members, project owners, subcontractors, and the public to recognize and witness UIG’s performance-based safety initiatives designed to protect us all.

At the end of a hard day’s work, our reward is to safely return home to family and friends.

UIG Safety Culture

UIG Safety Culture

Our 5 Key Elements for Consistent Safety

UIG prides itself on the evolving, proactive, performance-based nature of its HSE Program. We work hard to not complicate this process, but to do the things that ensure safety for each UIG Project and each team member. In this way, we can help control loss and prevent exposure to risk.
There are five key elements to UIG’s HSE & Compliance Management Program:

  1. Management’s Commitment to HSE & Employee Well-being
  2. Employee Involvement & Participation in UIG’s HSE Program and Processes
  3. UIG Project Evaluations, Audits, Surveys & Analyses
  4. Hazard Prevention & Control; Use of Personal Protective Equipment, (PPE)
  5. Health, Safety & Environmental Training, Apprenticeships, and Professional Development

5 Key Safety Elements 

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